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This would be Shadow selling mom’s purse. Alternatively it’s a photo of Meow with his new life partner. 🙂



I liked this side-by-side comparison.
So my biggest beef with comcast is they supported SOPA. The incompetence of their support staff is also a big problem.

Here’s why SOPA is bad:
– censorship of this kind violates CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS
– the proposed filter could be abused by any greedy corporation (COMCAST) and corrupt politicians
– the process wouldnt stop piracy. Nothing will stop it. Corporations need to provide the public with the methods and pricing they want. The public will only bend so far, and piracy has become accepted due to the entertainment industry’s refusal to work with streaming solutions or other more affordable, efficient methods of accessing content. Lower the cost of your products, it’s a luxury!

– they fail to inform customers who are cancelling service WHILE THEY ARE IN THE COMCAST OFFICES of due charges when asked when there’s due charges and then proceeds to bill you for it (personal experience).
– their technical support has absolutely no technical skill, instead using pre-written scripts to provide support. NO, their technicians have NO technical skills.
– the equipment they sell/rent to you is refurbished and sub-standard.

There’s a TON of other reasons to STOP USING COMCAST.

But… I’ve got to leave for work.

Just believe me when I say they are a BAD COMPANY.

Whether you believe in God or not, you should watch this.

Thanks Kat for sharing it with me.

Behind my work


Pretty place, huh?


Removed background images for now, youtube should only show two videos as opposed to 4.



Please – IF You want to check it out and have an Android App, download it. Give me feedback here or on Facebook or via email/text message.

So yeah, This is a Ghetto Alpha Grade App. It has Ads. BUT – It’s my first non-theme app for Android and I didn’t have to learn Java to do it.

It’s pretty basic ATM…. 

To download it, make sure ‘install from unknown sources’ is checked inside the SETTINGS > Applications section of your android device, and click the link below.

O do the stars in the heavens weary themselves over the young.
The ways of wood and stone weight heavy on fragile shell,
The fingers of salt and snow wash away velvety innocence.

Little birds grow together and beat their wings in song.
Some become sparrows while others the ravens of hell,
Both flights steal joy and sorrow and awaken sense.

The sparrows fly fast and true yet are caught in the spiders web.
The raven toil over the harvest of a desolate well,
And the dark threads of life tighten and tense.

O as the deep black night strangles it’s jewels,
The sunlight breaks down it’s black sorcerous spell.
The stars fade to dreams and leave naught but heat,
And two piles of bones, ordered and neat.