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Drew Ford Tech Support supports home users and businesses in the Salt Lake City area in their computer and technical needs. We can build you a new computer, repair your old computer or make it productive again. We can remove malicious software, reload or upgrade your computer and back-up your data. We’ll help you find the computer that’s right for you, build it with your tastes in mind and try and save you money wherever we can. Our prices are as low as possible because we know how expensive life can be in the current environment and we’re easy to work with. If you have a smart-phone we can help you out there, if you need a website built we can also throw one together for you.  I can teach you how to use your computer, research a solution for your business, setup a network in your home and provide you with assistance in protecting your investments in computer technologies, data and time.


Drew Ford


I have been a computer technician for the last 15 years. I started programming on Atari computer systems in third grade and by seventh grade was winning programming competitions against students with two years my senior with that much time in formal training. I was asked to drop out of a college course at the SLCC when I was nineteen because the professor was from the “punch-card era” and I was trying to help him by inserting my own knowledge in his lectures. I felt horrible because he was worried about his job and I was just trying to be helpful.

I’m a proficient programmer in the (modern) languages of HTML, CSS, Perl and Shell scripting as well as a smattering of PHP and Python. I’ve had an Apache server running now for over 6 years to facilitate web pages, FTP, media streaming and blogging engines such as Blosxom and WordPress. I am an advanced Linux user and am A+ certified with a vast amount of software experience in all fields of computer use.

I’ve worked for Dell, E-Machines/Gateway, for the University of Utah (School of Medicine) as an IT Professional and most recently have been part of the Microsoft Global Helpdesk (which provides support to Microsoft Employees). I have provided training to home users, senior citizens and business professionals. I’m also a Blackberry Developer and expert user. My wife thinks I’m a genius and have a photographic memory but I think she’s exaggerating. 🙂

I’d like to think of myself as a really nice guy who’s a geek with a passion for computers that has the side-effect of a near obsession with anything technological. I really like to help people, hate leaving problems unsolved and am proud of my creative abilities to make art, literature and programs come to life, or solve pesky technical issues.

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My Wife and Children

I am 32 and live with my greatest treasures, my wife Candis and my two special needs children, Desi and Dustin. We call a small little neighborhood in Murray Utah our home and have a pest of a cat named Willow.

I always like meeting new people and hate dishonesty, and am very excited to meet you and help you solve your computer needs.

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