An Overview of my Services and Pricing

Below are some rough details on some of the services I can offer. This list is by no-means complete or absolute. I am always willing to let you know what I can do and give you current pricing on what services I can provide you with. The computer world changes rapidly every day and so when it comes to services or hardware, the best approach to finding prices is to ask for a quote. The price of hardware changes daily so be aware that the deals listed here and the cost of services could change drastically one day to the next. There are many reasons behind this including the price of gold (in many computer components), the release of new technology and the availability of software or licensing. Please always make sure to ask me for a quote when you want a new computer or need services performed.

On-Site versus Off-Site

The Benefits of Off-Site service include:

  • I only charge you for the hours I am actively working on your machine (I don’t charge you for waiting for installations, etc)
  • I charge less because it’s difficult for me to get around due to health reasons
  • I am not invading your home or workplace.
  • You get a better quality of service – I’m not keeping you up so I can focus on quality over racing against a clock.

The Benefits of On-Site Service include:

  • You get to see what’s happening and a verbal explanation of what I’m doing
  • You don’t have to transport your computer to me
  • You won’t need to be without your computer for a few days if necessary to keep it that long

Data Backup & Transfer

I usually charge $50 to $100 Dollars to transfer data, depending on the amount of data to be transferred and the medium in which it is transferred. If You are reloading the Operating system on your computer you should backup your data, but I can backup and reload your data (usually for $75 dollars for most individuals) before reloading the OS. Transferring large amounts of data or backing up large amounts of data will be more expensive as it requires additional hardware and considerably longer periods of time to transport that much information. I will regularly have deals on this service however and when I build you a computer, there is no charge for transferring data from an older PC to a new computer, unless the drive containing the old data is damaged and at that point will fall into a far more complicated category of computer support. Ask me for more information.

Lifetime Discounts on Built Machines

I offer a 10% discount on any kind of support you may want for machines you’ve purchased through me. While this discount does not cover hardware costs or third-party fees, the discount is always applicable to my services. An example would be data backup or an Operating System re-installation. If I were to charge $75 for backing up your data you would receive a 10% discount, meaning you’d save$7.50 for that service.

Warranty Management

The Hardware in your computer that I replace or a computer built by me is warrantied through the manufacturer. I will provide for these components all the support services required to get in-warranty replacements arranged and do all the diagnostics/shipping required to provide for any replacements should they be necessary. I unfortunately cannot provide extended warranties at this time beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Virus Removal

In the scenario where you have or believe you may have a virus I will perform diagnostics and removal if necessary. In many cases it is more advantageous for you and myself as a technician to reload your OS due to the fact that the damage caused by modern malicious software can sometimes be more support hours than the time required to reload your Operating system software and other programs. In the case that you do have a virus and prefer to keep your current OS intact, I can remove these infections and will charge a hourly service rate. In the event that the OS is corrupted beyond repair or you would prefer a fresh re-installation of your computer software I charge a flat rate of $100 USD to reload the Operating system and some additional software I make part of my OS Builds, and $75 USD to backup and restore the data. This can be subject to customization and/or exceptions but my overall charge for this service is $175 USD. Computer Diagnostics services related to virus detection and other troubleshooting can be, but is not commonly above this price.

OS Upgrade and Re-installation

As Mentioned in Virus Removal I usually charge $100 USD to reload the Operating System and an additional $75 to reload the data. I need a legal license to reload Windows Operating Systems as well as the Operating System Media. If you do not have a legally licensed copy of Windows I can purchase them for a great price and if you prefer to use Linux the OS is freely available and so you will only be charged for my services. When I reload your computer I install an antivirus client, all the OS Updates currently available, an Office Productivity suite, Adobe Reader and Flash Player, Your choice of available browsers and Pidgin Instant Messaging Services. I also usually load the Picasa Photo Manager and for those who wish, a GNU Open-Source Photo editor similar to Adobe Photoshop called the GIMP. Any software beyond that build or a comparable installation load may be subject to additional costs and will require licensed installation media.


For standard troubleshooting issues like slow performance or errors your software is providing I charge $30 USD hourly for off-site support, $75 hourly for on-site support and for emergency support (for those issues that need to be taken care of immediately) I charge a rate appropriate to the service requested.

Hardware Replacement

For basic hardware replacement I charge the cost of the part plus $30 USD if the replacement does not involve diagnostics or other services. On-site hardware replacement I charge an additional $20 to cover travel and other expenses.

Computer Training and Information

For training on the various platforms I support I charge $20 hourly if you come to my home or $35 hourly if I go to you. I offer discounts for multiple hours of training or weekly training time. I can also provide electronic training through email/IM and group training courses. Ask me for more details.

Website Development and maintenance

As there are so many different options in modern websites the best option for getting information on my services is to email me or call me and let me know what you need and I can provide you a quote based on those needs. Development for websites starts at around $100 USD and can go from there but I am pretty affordable for what I provide.