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It’s all OK

After an interesting few weeks it looks like it’s gonna be ok. Life will move on and I think that what happened between me and Candis is probably best for everyone. I’m loving the time with my folks, and overall, things are looking up and hope is out there. The future’s still far away but I’ll make it.

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Yes, it’s 5:30AM – I’m nauseated, Sick, and sicker of being sick. Leave off.

The links below are videos taken with my Droid3 at my Family Christmas party. Santa showed up and he was absolutely amazing. I am not usually a big Christmas lover, and most times when I see Santa out there ringing the bell, I want to slug him. This time, I was absolutely amazed, awed and maybe even more enchanted than the children he came to visit.
After that visit from Santa, I have a newfound respect for him. He may be fat, may be a little too jolly, but that boy has some mad skills!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

As a side note, Santa has a company that helps make it possible to have him come visit your family, business or party. Jared at can help make it happen.

Merry Christmas everyone!

So this is just commentary

The sheer amount of Mormons at my work can be overwhelming at times. I feel a thousand miles separation because of it. Good People, just lots of them…
This Hardware comparison made me feel good to read. I already knew my decision was a good one (what with the freedom and customization and all that) but i figured I’d share.

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So I’ve got a business to business connection through these guys, and if you want anything, let me know so I can try and get you some of these deals (or better if my connection can do anything fancy). I’m not taking a cut, but thought I’d offer this out to all you folks who might be looking for some of this stuff. The Ad is from Compusa/TigerDirect – Let me know.

Merry Christmas All of you out there.


I have applied for the L2 position, taken the test. Wish me luck.