So everyone has their own favorite home launcher. Launcherpro, GO launcher EX, ADW, and the plethora of other launchers out there for Android.

I have played with a large number of them, and found sweeterhome to be a great option for those people who want the absolutely most customized launcher out there.

Sweeterhome is still a beta project but already incorporates many nice features as well as stability. It works on the older android devices and the new. I am using it for my Archos as it’s home launcher as well. It works great for those folks who have way to many apps installed to know what to do with.

* Almost no redraws. It does occasionally restore your session, but this takes only a second or two.
* uniquely different. You can download themes from it’s repositories, make your own, or tweak someone else’s inside the app.
* No need for app organization programs. I’ve used folder organizer, Simi folder and a number of other apps similar in nature, but the integrated Tagged Trays removes the need for all of them.
* scrolling logs. You can add scrolling sections for calendar events, contacts, recent calls and recent texts. In addition, your app drawers can be customized to your liking as scrolling lists, horizontal icons, and a number of other options.
* live wallpaper support.
* save your own custom themes online or the SD card.
* upload your own themes and share your creations with everyone.
* your app tags are synced online.
* it’s free.

* no scrolling widget support
* AT&T users will have to root if they can’t enable unknown sources.
* still a beta, there’s still going to be a few bugs.
* a little complicated should you choose to build your own custom theme.

I personally find it outstanding. If you pick it up, look for my themes, my username is nokturnihs.

For more information and download links visit