Welcome to Drew Ford’s Tech Support Website. This site is largely under construction. I’m a 31 year old married man, stepfather to two fantastic children with special needs. I’m not only A+ Certified but have worked for Dell, Gateway/E-Machines and Microsoft. I’ve been struggling with a serious medical condition that required me to voluntarily leave Microsoft as my condition was impairing my ability to drive. As such, for all you who want your computer fixed, I offer a discount to those of you who will bring your computers to me. The other advantage to this is that I’ll only charge you for the time I’m actually working on your computer – if I go to your home or place of business I have to charge when I leave my house to when I get home as I can’t do other things at your business or home.

I’m an excellent tech and I’m a people person. I can teach computer skills and also can set you up with some of the best software compilations you could want for the price – I encourage the Open Source and GPL software as I have extensive experience using the Linux Operating System. I have a knack for finding a resolution to most problems and have taught myself many different skills outside my formal training in computers – to be honest most of my formal training was review as I have a passion for learning.

I hope you enjoy your visit and will be posting a lot more content in the future but as I’m just getting this site rolling and I’ve also had a bunch of work with clients and also doctor’s visits it’s been slow going.



March 5th, 2010.